Decisions made on technical analysis, on momentum, and on experience

  • All our trades are made with solid analysis.  No lotto, no luck.  Pure market reading

  • Posting the winners, and the losers, because yes it happens, honest traders here

  • Mainly weeklies options and stocks on swings

Discussing the Numbers

Weeklies Options specialist

  • Playing usually big names on Nasdaq, Dow Jones, SP 500

  • Can send 1 to 5 alerts per day

  • Play uptrends, downtrends, never believe in a stock, we adjust, we ain't stubborn.

  • Targeting 300% on each trades or more. You need this on weeklies options.  If you trade weeklies aiming 30% you will lose your shirt.

  • Stops are not often used in our way to trade

Business Meeting

Learn about Matt

Autodidact option trader

Matt is at first, a chiropractor.  Yeah, funny to say but even if he does not need trading to live, his passion for this magnificient crazy world temped him to try this 10 years ago.  He started to read about market when he was in college at the age of 18.  He always knew he would do this as a living, even if chiropractic was the main part of his life.  So he continued his path to University, where he became a chiropractor.  He now own the Ipsum Chiropractic Clinic, where his practice is based.  He do trade every day since college, and learned it the hard way.  Like he loves to say; you won't ever make money if you haven't lost money.


Quebec City

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Risk associated with trading is only a service that gives opinions on the market.  It is not associated with any bank or any broker.